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Human Hair Weave

I am more comfortable wearing extensions and braids rather than my natural hair. I am more comfortable wearing HAIR extensions and braids in preference to my natural hair. I’ve by no means been better wearing my natural hair and it’s simply some thing I’m not used to doing. I started to wear braids when I was 5 and weaves in the ninth grade. I used to be 14 years old. I didn’t assume some thing of wearing braids at that age as it become in fashion and it appeared lovable on me.

These days, I did the “Big Chop.” I cut off about 6-7 inches of my hair. I don’t regret doing it in any respect because my hair is 100% healthy and my curls are coming back healthier than ever. As a protective style, I make my personal human hair weaves and get virgin hair from time to time.

Dakota Hayes an 18-year-old upcoming make-up artist who lives in Oakland, California. She graduated from Oakland Technical High School in 2016 and is now pursuing to become the best makeup artist out of Oakland. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, styling makeup, and virgin hair. She hopes to do makeup for celebrities one day and to reach that dream she plans to create her own Instagram page and show people her work and get bookings.


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