My Human Hair Extension Usage Reviews

 human hair

Hair extensions are used for more than achieving length and volume, you can easily add in hair extensions for chemical free color effects. You can add highlight, ombre or get the new pastel mermaid hair all with the use of hair extensions. Let’s be honest, most of us like to switch up our human hair color, particularly with new seasons. Committing to bleach sessions and hours in the salon can now be cut in half for both time and money by adding in hair extensions to get the new hair color you desire this season.

A few weeks back I posted on Instagram that I would be collecting all hair questions to compile & answer on my blog. There were so many questions that I decided to break it up into hair care/hair extensions. Today I am answering all the hair extension relation questions.

What brand extensions do I prefer?
I wear Beautyforever Hair. I have tried a few other brands and nothing really compares to my Beautyforever remy hair extensions. I’ve tried a couple of sets that do come close – but their clips are not as high quality which is a deal breaker. (Use code love10 for $10 off your extensions.)

How often do you wash hair extensions?
I have 3 sets of hair extensions, and I learned quickly that washing infrequently is the best for making my human hair weave last longer. I washed my first set of Beautyforever 2x and it doesn’t necessarily ruin the hair, but I felt like they weren’t quite as smooth. I try to avoid washing mine at all cost, but if/when I do I am careful them. Your extensions will last much longer if you take care of them!


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