Take Care Of Human Hair Weaves


How To Take Care Of Human Hair Weaves? For girls, except for clothing, hairstyles play an important role in their image.

1. Shampoos and conditioners are the ones you need to use to make your regular human hair weave. Whether you bring in some hair weave, it fits nicely with your own hair, or you buy a complete head covering your entire head, it’s important that you weave your fabric into large loose Braids, and then began to wash them. This may help to reduce tangles and damage to the hair weaves and your own hair.

2. Every night before going to bed, make your Brazilian hair into a big loose pigtail and try to brush them with wide-tooth combs or your fingers and wrap your Brazilian human hair around your head and put a silk scarf over them. You have to make sure your hair is soft and they will keep this weave style and condition while you are sleeping. Or when you wake up, they will tangle and fall off, which will damage your own hair too. So try to prevent your hair weaving as much as possible winding.

3. If you want to reuse it, then you have to take care of your Hair weave. Hair from the head off weaving, I remember it woven into a big braid, with shampoo and conditioner cleaning. Then loosen the braids, gently comb, let it dry naturally. Once it is dry, you can bind it from top to bottom, every few inches. You can tie the top of the fabric, and then woven into a loose braid, tied with hair tied to the end of the shoe or plastic containers for your further use.


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