Same Looklike Hairs of Orlando Bloom and Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston.jpg

Katie Perry has been checking her boyfriend’s social media campaign, and he’d better be careful because she was not shy about the comments. In the Instagram Collage Orlando Bloom announced the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Ring of Fellowship, Perry took a look at Brooke’s full Legolas equipment on the far right, apparently having a single idea: My boyfriend looks like Rachel Green is here. “You look like Jenny Aniston in the lower right corner,” Perry commented, catching the eyes of other fans, who agreed.

Bloom apparently did not wear the iconic “Rachel” Human Hair here, but Aniston might agree with us that it did not fully define her character in the 1990s because she only wore a season. No, here Bloom looks more like Aniston with a longer brazilian hair in later years. And his girlfriend does not seem to have trouble pointing out to good humor.

While this fall Bloom makes his private Instagram account public, this pair is still pretty soft on their relationship in social media. But just because they keep things private does not mean they can not have a laugh in the public eye: it’s not Perry and Bloom’s first public joke. After July’s instantly famous cricket shot turned into a virus, Bloom wrote on Instagram: “When you chase the guy who stole your swimming trunks.

Since then, Perry has come out and said she was in Bloom “to find her prince”. Moreover, it seems that in this case, Perry’s prince is a bit like Jennifer Aniston.


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