Maintain Beauty Forever Shinny Hair By Eating Habit


I’ve done a lot of research on healthy hair and I follow a few naturalistas. Beauty forever hair has summarizes the research result and sincerely share it to all of you —- –We could own a soft and shiny hair when we cultivate a good habit of diet as below:

We all known that food provide us energy and nutrition to maintain our normal-daily life, moreover , it contains a large amount of mineral and vitamins. These elements have a great impact on maintaining the normal shape of our Virgin human hair.

The Salmon in the river has rich omega 3 fatty acid , vitamin B12 as well as iron, if we lack of these elements, we will have dry scalp that could not provide a good soil to grow the good quality hair. Maybe Salmon is hard to find in our market and even we find out of it ,its price is so high for us to eat it among 3 meals , It doesn’t matter ,we still have another food to replace it, it called hemp seed oil, we can easily find out of them in our supermarket.

The second food we recommend to you is the green vegetable, especially the spinach which has rich iron , as for beet, it contains lots of vitamin A and C, these minerals can strength the skin of scalp to maintain the natural situation of the hair cuticle.

Survey has been tested to confirm beans provide protein that helps the growth of the virgin hair, the iron and vitamin H can avoid the shedding of the hair and makes it much tenacious.

The last food we discuss here is the oyster, the rich zinc in it can keep the hair shiny for a long time.

Warm tips from Beauty forever hair: Abandon the unhealthy eating habit and go on a healthy diet for your precious hair.


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