Virgin Hair Bundle Deals 2018 Sale


We offer Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian and Indian virgin human hair packages in discount and retail cost. What you have to think about each sort of virgin hair package there is.

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Virgin Brazilian Hair Bundles

  • Thickness
  • Non-abrasiveness
  • Strength
  • Moderate
  • Low support
  • Simple to mix with any surface from any ethnicity.
  • Normally glossy, radiance is from low to medium.
  • Full look does not take the same number of groups as different surfaces.

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Virgin Malaysian Hair Bundles

  1. Exceptionally smooth
  2. Flexible
  3. Medium shine
  4. Characteristic dampness that compliments its solid and dynamic sparkle
  5. Capacity to be sans frizz
  6. Capacity to abstain from swelling
  7. Capacity to withstand outrageous climate changes
  8. Capacity to hold twists without the utilization of hair items
  9. Low support

Virgin Peruvian Hair Bundles

  • Go-to for multi-reason utilize
  • Adaptable to no finishes
  • Light as a quill
  • Volume is substantial enabling you to wear 5 groups of hair
  • Coarser in surface
  • Low to medium in brilliance
  • Mixes exceptionally well with hair surfaces from all ethnicities


Virgin Indian Hair Bundles

  1. Light
  2. Brilliant and thick
  3. Shedly effortlessly
  4. No tangle
  5. Loaded with bob and simple to style
  6. Arrive in a characteristic straight and regular wave style.
  7. Never thoroughly dropping out unless in a sodden or damp condition.
  8. Common magnificence and keep going for quite a while.


1. Virgin hair gives a man more choices. For day by day wear, you may pick straightforward or advanced styles, for exceptional events, for example, a wedding you may attempt unrestrained styles. you can change your haircut or shading anyway you need and your virgin hair will joyfully go along.

2. Virgin hair acts naturally.synthetic hair have a tendency to have a gleaming, irritating look, it can be perceived initially, yet virgin hair isn’t the comes untreated so they hold all the common characteristics of regular hair. Regardless of how you apply them, the units fall and edge the face simply like your own particular hair.

3. No shedding one issue about ladies hair is shedding, virgin hair contains thick and solid strands which don’t break effortlessly. The strands are adaptable and their volume stays consistent, so you can without much of a stretch brush and not stress over losing hair.

4.Virgin hair is developed via watchful and gifted hands, so it will last longer than some other sort of Remy or manufactured hair, and to be straightforward obtaining such a virgin hair can be a significant speculation, in case you’re looking for a unit which can keep up and keep for a drawn out stretch of time then virgin hair would be the best alternative.

For most hair information, you can read this post: The Benefits of Using Hair Bundles With Closure.


African ladies’ hairdo isn’t plait demonstrating. An ever increasing number of ladies lean toward exquisite long hair. They call this haircut “silk hairdo”, however they can not get long hair because of claim physical conditions, so purchasing human virgin hair groups is a decent decision to understand their fantasy of long hair.


Our virgin hair packs utilize 100% human hair that is without substance. Each package experiences hair quality test and is natural. Hair expansions from Beauty Forever Hair Company could be trimmed, washed, fixed, twisted, colored and blanched to make a characteristic style, with augmentations, you can change your search inside minutes. Our hair is delicate with normal sparkle, each package with the solid weft, so there are negligible shedding, in place fingernail skin on hair guarantee there is no tangle.

Hair Textures


Body Wave

Regular Wave

Free Wave

Profound Wave

Jerry Curl

Unusual Curly


Hair Products

100% human hair

Spotlight on quality

Moderate cost, don’t be tricked by overrated contenders

Hair could be effortlessly hued and styled

Full in-line fingernail skin to diminish tangle

Double wefting

As indicated by this blog, you should need to claim your virgin hair groups.


Brazilian Body Wave VS Loose Wave | Hair Blog


There are styles of virgin Brazilian wavy hair. Body wave, free wave, regular wave, profound wave etc.Customers will confront numerous decisions when they need to purchase Brazilian wavy hair weave from Body wave hair is like free wave hair.So they will be mistaken for questions which one is better? Which one is appropriate for me?It’s exceptionally important to realize that the contrasts between body wave and free wave Brazilian virgin hair.We will demonstrate to you the distinctions exist between them in this blog. Body wave: quite a while top pick, and free wave hair: an uncommon yet lavish decision of virgin hair.

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Brazilian Virgin Hair

Brazilian virgin hair we regularly said is the virgin hair which sourced from the areas of Brazil. This virgin hair is thick, delicate and normally wavy. With its sparkly appearance, Brazilian hair is delicate to touch and comes accessible in different finished styles. Additionally, it is exceptionally prominent and hot offering in the market on account of its adaptability. It mixes with numerous hair composes, it’s velvety has a sound sparkle and normal shine. however straight finished styles do have light waves in them. The hair can hold twists well and is delicate and smooth.

Brazilian Body Wave 

At the point when the Brazilian hair weave is handled in a body wave style, the outcome is a steady profound “S” design through the whole heap of hair, Virgin Brazilian body wave hair packages likewise keeps an eye on a sparkly vibe and appearance. Brazilian virgin hair is notable to clients as its delicate and smooth characters.It can use for quite a while (6 a year) under legitimate maintenance.No uncommon support is required for the hair. For the most part, body wave hair can mix well with your regular hair and match any garments.

body wave hair.jpg

Brazilian Loose Wave Hair

Contrasted and the body wave, Brazilian Loose wave hair is more sumptuous due to it extreme sparkle. Its shine is high to medium. In the wake of washing the hair, the gloss of free wave hair is lessened and comes back to a more common look and luster.The virgin free wave has comparable attributes to body wave.(similar body and Loose wave design). On the off chance that you truly don’t know which one ought to pick, you can likewise attempt them together to feel which is more appropriate to you.

Virgin Brazilian body wave and free wave hair are both brilliant decisions with regards to purchasing virgin Brazilian human hair.And the two styles have as of late expanded in notoriety, with an ever increasing number of ladies settling on one of these styles.Both serve diverse capacities however can make an extraordinary look which will outline the face and abandon you looking considerably more beautiful.You can keep up the two sorts of styles with the same method. Please contact our client benefit staff to take in the point by point things about cost or others from Beauty Forever Shop.

Brazilian Straight Hair Extension

Brazilian hair is the most sought after in the market for those seeking a new and stylish look in no time. It has captured the interest of fashion willing women across the world because of its durability, softness versatility and density. All Brazilian Straight hair extensions & bundles are made from 100% natural human locks. The 100% Brazilian Straight Weave is the greatest virgin Brazilian hair available; every selection is collected with the primary donors. All the cuticles are intact, and many of the Brazilian latest hair are passed through a stringent top quality assurance check to ensure its high quality.

If you’re interested in changing your natural appearance, then it’s necessary to know that Brazilian straight hair has a significant impact on overall appearance. Your hair style determines your appearance, and it is advised to get a perfect hairstyle if you aim at changing your personality. Most people are not satisfied with their hair length so it is encouraged to buy products that increase the hair length while keeping a natural appearance. Using Brazilian hair extensions not only enhances the length of hair but is perfect for its soft texture. Brazilian hair also gives a real appearance and can be dried, colored and straightened. For this reason, Brazilian hair can be reused unlike other types of weave. Brazilian weave pieces stay firmer for a longer duration. The number of design pieces and braided cornrows depends on how thick the style is preferred. It takes about 4-5 hours to put on a Brazilian straight hair.

When it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle, it varies in accordance with preferences and needs. Some women born with curly hair may want to undergo treatments such as chemical straightening and hot aim to smoothen and maintain their curls in a proper way. Other women, with straight hair, may want to get natural curls to improve their overall beauty. Using a lot of products and chemical process on natural hair can be harmful and lead to hair loss.

Brazilian straight hair is a good choice for you! Now, we will list 2 best Brazilian straight hair for you.

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Diuto Ajoku’s Beauty forever curly hair review

Diuto Ajoku ordered Beauty forever curly hair, and here is her review:


Lace Closures are a fairly popular item for women who care about their hair. The flexibility and versatility of closures makes them applicable for just about all types of hair, whether natural, scanty, permed or the less thrilling receding hairline.

Our natural hair doesn’t always blend well with foreign textures; for instance virgin Brazilian hair or Indian, and as a result, some weaves tend to reveal breakage, bald spots and thinned edges: closures can be used effectively to prevent such occurrences. We answer the question, What is a Lace Closure?

Closures come in different forms and sizes so not every purchase would work for you. Look for the size that works perfectly for your scalp so that it fits well. Laced based closures are preferable because they lay flatter and are more comfortable.

A lace frontal is used when you want to recreate the entire hairline from ear to ear and about 2 inches back.  Many women who wear lace frontals use them when they want to try a completely different color or texture from their natural hair color or when they want to protect their edges and hair that they normally leave out in sew in hair extensions.

A Blog About Black Hair and Beauty

I am more comfortable wearing extensions and braids rather than my natural hair. I am more comfortable wearing HAIR extensions and braids in preference to my natural hair. I’ve by no means been better wearing my natural hair and it’s simply some thing I’m not used to doing. I started to wear braids when I was 5 and weaves in the ninth grade. I used to be 14 years old. I didn’t assume some thing of wearing braids at that age as it become in fashion and it appeared lovable on me.

These days, I did the “Big Chop.” I cut off about 6-7 inches of my hair. I don’t regret doing it in any respect because my hair is 100% healthy and my curls are coming back healthier than ever. As a protective style, I make my personal human hair weaves and get virgin hair from time to time.

Dakota Hayes an 18-year-old upcoming make-up artist who lives in Oakland, California. She graduated from Oakland Technical High School in 2016 and is now pursuing to become the best makeup artist out of Oakland. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, styling makeup, and virgin hair. She hopes to do makeup for celebrities one day and to reach that dream she plans to create her own Instagram page and show people her work and get bookings.

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lace frontal sew in

Lace frontal sew in

Lace frontal is used whilst you want to recreate the whole hairline from ear to ear and about 4 inches back.  Many ladies who put on lace frontals use them once they want to strive a very unique color or texture from their natural hair color or when they want to protect their edges and hair that they normally leave out in sew in hair extensions.

Frontals are also virtually famous with girls who have traction alopecia or thinning edges.

Virgin Brazilian lace closures

A closure is tons smaller than a frontal.  It is approximately 2 inches by way of 2 inches and it’s miles used to recreate the natural part.  It is also used while you need to provide your hair which you commonly omit a destroy or in case you need to notably experiment with colour or texture.

360 Lace Frontal Bestseller Human Hair-Beauty Forever

Let’s talk about 360 lace frontals! I’ve outlined a few recommendations and tricks for operating with lace frontals and closures with virgin hair.

What is it? Basically a 360 lace frontal is a lace headscarf with hair on it. it recreates the hairline around the whole perimeter of your head so that you can wear ponytails and many others with you stitch in.

Why do i want it? you need to offer your hairline a wreck from the tension of sew ins otherwise you want to attempt a considerably distinctive colour or texture so that it blends better.

How do I mixture it in order that i do not appear like that female? sure… we all recognise that woman. she looks like she robbed a hair save. do not be that female. first search for frontals closure which have a lower density towards the crown. the suitable density is 90%. then make certain you be aware of the lace coloration. you may deposit colour to the lace by way of doing a espresso rinse. brew a cup of espresso to the coloration you agree with will suit your skin tone and soak the part of the lace frontal to that tone… or use concealer. try to move a bit lighter than your hair coloration.

How a great deal hair will I want? if you want it complete then get the identical quantity of hair you’ll have bought without the frontal. if you like it sensible you can try to do one bag…but who loves to be caught available with sufficient hair in the stylist chair? not me!
watch below in case you simply need to look the 360 in movement with out my nine minutes of statement!

Hair Care Tips from Beauty Forever Hair

Do you want to have hairdressers’ ideal hair every day? It is possible when you follow the ideas and suggestions from your stylist, or when you use the following hair care advice from a professional stylist. You may think that your hair is just “where” as long as you cut it into a particular style, keep it neat and condition that it will continue to look good. There are countless aspects of your daily life that can affect your hair and can even lead to a fantastic cut that looks terrible.

Here are some professional tips to keep your locks looking their best.

Protect Your Hair

All of us comprehend that sun can be bad for our skin, but it can also harm your virgin hair. Can chemicals and water treatments like chlorine in a swimming pool? Prior to swimming use a thick coat of hair oil, and leave it in your hair. This will assist drive away the chemicals and keep them from getting in touch with your color or activating your hair to dry out. There are numerous leave in conditioner products that will likewise help protect your hair from the sun.

Avoid Heated Styling Tools

Heated tools such as flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons hurt your hair. When possible let your hair air dry and do not design it. Even if it’s only when a week, this can assist the condition of your hair.

Strip Product Build-up

A minimum of as soon as a month, utilize a vinegar rinse on your hair after you hair shampoo to obtain rid of styling product buildup that can trigger your hair to appear dull and lifeless. Vinegar is a natural item that will raise away the accumulation from each hair without drying or damaging your hair or hair color.

Get Hair Cuts

Even if you remain in the treatment of going from a short style to a longer style, guarantee you visit your stylist every 6 weeks for a shape up trim to keep you from having that terrible growing out stage where your hair simply looks shaggy.

Consume Water and Consume Healthy

The minerals and vitamins you ingest together with the quantity of water you take in do affect the health of your hair and can either enhance or stunt the growth procedure. The much healthier you are, the much healthier your hair will be.